I wanna do bad things with you..

1.It's been a busy month.. here's a few things that I've done..and an outfit!
vintage bag, topshop skirt, primark vest, french supermarket velvet blazer, necklace from a car boot sale


2. Here are some pictures I took at Bestival, a festival on the Isle of Wight. I never knew Mika had such stage presence! Other bands I saw were MGMT, Klaxons, FrankMusik, Lily Allen, Little Boots, Bat For Lashes and La Roux. It was an amazing weekend with great costumes due to the space theme.. I wore my AA skater dress with silver lips and starry accessories as the "Space Goddess". And the mandatory space boots, (see here for when I wore them).

3. Went on a picnic while the nice weather lasted.

4. I went a-camping and hiking. Good weather in October? What are the chances... Also, ALWAYS bring caramel waffles camping. They saved our lives (and legs).

5. Attended my friend's boyfriend's band's gig. It was a small crowd, but they're definitely the best: sweaty and intimate. :)

Until next time..

P.S. You might have noticed that the post title is from the soundtrack of "True Blood". I've just finished Season 1.. Anyone else obsessed?
P.P.S. You also might have noticed the change in header. I'd had the old one for waaaay too long. The painting of the girl is by me :)


  1. Oh yes, True Blood is the best tv entertainment at the moment! I can't wait for season 3 to start. :)

    You look cute and that festival looked like it was tons of fun. I'm so jealous that you got to see MGMT and Bat for Lashes!

  2. Love the necklace!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  3. cute necklace! they were selling some like that at primark, but not as cute! and so jealous of that picnic... it looks like a proper picnic with the basket and all!
    and obsessed doesnt even begin to describe me+ true blood! amazing isnt it?!

  4. wow what a lovely festival! i like al the artist, oh and a nice outfit.

  5. ohmygod, Bestival sounds amazing!! I'm so jealous, that lineup is ridiculous!! I wish we had line ups like that here in New Zealand more often.

  6. what a great outfit!!!!!LOVE IT!

  7. That festival sounds SOOO amazing. I would kill to be there.
    Sounds like some fun times lately!

  8. The gem necklace you are sporting is gorgeous!

  9. Aww cute outfit! And it looks like you have been having such a great time :)

  10. Amazing line up, would of been awesome!

  11. Lovely necklace in the first photo.


Fankss man :)